Let’s leap into coding…

with a highly qualified and motivated tutor!

Why Choose Frog?

The perfect introduction to coding

I specialize in teaching Scratch, a block-based language that offers an accessible entry point for kids to learn universal programming logic. With the right skills, it can also be used to develop advanced projects that even incorporate AI.

Specialized lesson plans

Through years of both learning and teaching Scratch, I’ve created my own curriculum that covers all the fundamentals of the Scratch language and editor in just 10 days.

Qualified and motivated tutor

I have 5+ years of Scratch experience and have created nationally-recognized projects using the Scratch editor. I also have 2+ years of experience teaching Scratch to elementary school kids.


I believe that learning how to code is becoming an increasingly essential skill that can be applied to numerous other subjects. When I was in elementary and middle school, I was privileged to have mandatory computer science classes from grades 1-8. Now that I’m taking college-level computer science courses in high school, I truly believe these classes were what fostered my love for coding and I aim to provide that same experience for the younger generation.

Through engaging and fun projects that my students are genuinely interested in, I hope to get them excited about their own creations and give them the tools to aid in whatever path they may take in the future.

Scratch Summer Program 2024 Schedule

Session 1 (10 classes)
  • Monday, July 22nd – Friday, August 2nd
  • 5pm – 6pm
  • No class on Saturday and Sunday
Session 2 (10 classes)
  • Monday, July 22nd – Friday, August 2nd
  • 7pm – 8pm
  • No class on Saturday and Sunday